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More than 15
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More than 50 companies trust SOLVING Asesores to manage their tax affairs and labour responsibilities

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Lawyer, Social Graduate, Collegiate

A personal note from the CEO of SOLVING, Sandra Puga

This project is born from an illusion with which we grow daily. Responsibility, respect, kindness, dedication and trust are base values with which I identify and have integrated in to the building of SOLVING. As time passes, I note with gratitude and humble pride that more and more customers are requesting our Services. Your trust and satisfaction is our permanent goal.

Our company motto is: “THERE ARE NO PROBLEMS, ONLY SOLUTIONS! Each problem of yours, as a valued client is a challenge to overcome, seeking solutions drawn from more than fifteen years experience in the legal world , without having to do anything other than accompany you and advise you according to your expectations and decisions and dedicate our energy and expertise to achieve a successful completion time and time again.


More than 15
years of experience

Lawyer, Social Graduate, Collegiate


Lawyers and advisers, all expert specialists in their field and willing to provide quality legal services for you at all levels encompassing afore-mentioned itemizations.MAKE AN APPOINTMENT , your first consultation is completely FREE OF CHARGE

Labor, tax, real estate law, inheritances, wills, divorces, criminal offenses, management of sales, leases, etc…

Sandra Puga – Employe Specialist and Lawyer.
Francisco Bonetti Barry – Solicitor.
Santos Vela Del Campo – Solicitor.

Comprometidos a ayudar a nuestros clientes a tener éxito

Practice areas

Labor area

Specialists in labour/employee matters of all kinds of companies, professionals and self-employed

Fiscal Area

We cover all tax advisory and management services for companies and individuals

Accounting area

We keep the accounting of your company up to date, presentation of accounting books et

Legal area

Comprehensive advice on all legal matters that you and your business require

Professional experience AT YOUR SERVICE.

Why choose us?


All our professionals have extensive experience in the professional area they cover


There are many people who already trust our firm for Management and Advice for their companies and personal requirements

Integral Service

One stop, one place, to find all the legal and tax services that you or your company require. Special considerations for Freelance workers and the Self Employed

Our goal is to offer the best! Integral advisory Service and Attention to detail is the constant in all our services.

Sandra Puga

Write to us at info@solvingasesores.es


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